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Recovery Library and Self-help Toolkit

Much has been written about recovery over the years and what we will try to do on this page is to list some of the articles, documents or brochures available on the web, either by direct links to the originator's site, or a direct download from here.

We also include documents written by those connected with this website which we feel can help those recovering from mental health issues. Both users and professionals alike are welcome to access these papers.

Working Together for Recovery is not liable for the contents of any external internet sites listed, nor does it endorse any commercial product or service mentioned.

Published Articles Written by Service Users, Mental Health Professionals and Academics

Jan Wallcraft

Recover From Mental Breakdown or Illness - details her experiences of recovery. Jan Wallcraft is a service user activist and researcher. She works at the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health

Phil Kay A support time and recovery perspective - A Support Time and Recovery Perspective of recovery by Phil Kay, an STR Worker working for Bransholme CMHT in Hull
Julie Repper Recovery or Discovery? - a question posed in this paper produced in September 2005
Rufus May

Understanding Psychotic Experience and Working Towards Recovery - his own experiences in relation to Understanding Psychotic Experience and Working Towards Recovery

Sharing Experiences - he talks about Evolving Minds which is a public forum which meets monthly at Hebden Bridge, to discuss different understandings and approaches to mental health problems

Some Ways to Holistic Wellbeing - outlines ‘Some Ways to Holistic Mental Wellbeing’ in a paper given in
Quebec in April 2005, (both English and French versions are reproduced here)

Rufus May who works as clinical psychologist also had the experience as an 18-year old of receiving psychiatric treatment for psychosis and being diagnosed with schizophrenia

Roberts and Wolfson The Rediscovery of Recovery - Glenn Roberts & Paul Wolfson’s publication ‘The rediscovery of recovery: open to all’ as published in Advances in Psychiatric Treatment (2004), vol. 10, 37–49
Patricia E Deegan Recovery and the Conspiracy of Hope
Wilma A Boevink Life After Psychiatry
Ridge and
Recovery from Depression
Shepherd, Boardman and Slade Making Recovery a Reality - a new document from the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health
Rethink Getting Back Into the World - Reflections on lived experiences of recovery
Shepherd, Boardman
and Burns

Implementing Recovery - A methodology for
organisational change.
Implementing Recovery - A new framework for organisational change

From the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health


Guides for Professionals
Social Inclusion Planner - is a fully-featured free software package that supports the development of effective plans for social inclusion. It has emerged from the NDT's distinctive training courses on social inclusion, and has been brought to reality with support from the Scottish Executive, North Lanarkshire Council and NHS Lanarkshire

Empowering Service Users - A one page guide titled ‘Empowering service users in your role as a mental health professional/worker'

Checklist for Empowering Service Users - A checklist on 'How Workers Can Empower Service Users', comprising of 10 Do’s and Don’ts
Mental Health and Debt (3mb) - provides basic advice for health workers on dealing with this issue
Shift - the line manager's web resource
Realising Recovery - A National Framework for Learning and Training in Recovery Focused Practice
Realising Recovery Learning Materials


Items in the Self-help Toolkit
Wellness Recovery Action Plan - The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is a framework with which you can develop an effective approach to overcoming distressing symptoms, and unhelpful behaviour patterns. It is a tool with which you can get more control over your problems. WRAP was originally developed by Mary Ellen Copeland and a group of mental health service users who wanted to work on their own recovery – this is what they found worked for them
Books on Prescription - this scheme is being expanded to more Libraries and surgeries in the county. The scheme is developed by the PC Pyschological Treatment Service at Addenbrooke's and Cambridgeshire PCT
Keeping us Going - This booklet is for people who have a mental health problem and for their friends. It looks at the effect of mental health problems on friendship from both viewpoints and suggests ways that friends can support each other and keep their friendship going when times are tough.
Person Centered Support - a guide for service users produced by 'Shaping Our Lives'
Open Up - their fortnightly bulletin is available here


Publications from Statutory Bodies
NIMHE A Guiding Statement on Recovery - The National Institute for Mental Health in England has produced this brief statement, which aims to set out NIMHE’s emerging view of mental health recovery
NSF Recovery in NSF - A Report on a six months Consultancy on the Recovery Approach for The National Schizophrenia Fellowship. It attempts to answer the question 'What is Recovery?' The report also identifies the important messages, outlines the history of Recovery, and details the potential impact of Recovery for NSF Services
DH/CSIP Action on Stigma - on promoting mental health and ending discrimination at work. Produced by SHiFT in assocation with the Department of Health and CSIP

All articles are either in PDF or Word format.

Last revised 26 May 2010



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