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Physical Wellbeing in Huntingdon

In Huntingdon there is a range of opportunities for physical activity. The information below outlines a few that are supported by the mental health community:

Healthy Walks The Huntingdonshire Health Walks scheme is part of the national initiative "Walking the Way to Health" in partnership with the Cambridgeshire NHS. The scheme currently runs in 5 district towns, Huntingdon, Ramsey, St Ives, St Neots and Yaxley on a regular basis. They provide people in the community with the opportunity to participate in organised health walks with trained leaders and volunteers. For more information follow this link and use the walk finder/schedule.

Exercise Referral Scheme
The scheme is funded by Huntingdonshire District Council and Cambridgeshire Primary Care Trust to help improve the health of the community, promote active healthy lifestyles and help decrease sedentary-related illness. Registered Health Professionals can refer individuals who will benefit from a personalised 12 week exercise programme. The exercise programmes are designed to meet the needs of the individual and may include gym based exercises, walking, swimming, exercise classes, cycling and other activities.

If you are interested in joining the scheme and would like to know more call 01480 388469. In addition more detailed information can be found on the City Council website

Right Start
Right Start provide exercise classes suited to all abilities, ranging from chair based to circuit style exercise groups. These sessions run in St Neots but have also recently been rolled out across the Huntingdon and St Ives area. For more details about RightStart contact Leisure Development on 01480 388469.

Well-life Project
The Well Life Project is a new project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund and forms part of the Time to Change . Well Life has two main aims:

• Improve the physical and mental wellbeing of people who have experienced mental health problems, and those who have not, with a particular focus on the benefits that physical activity can bring to the mind as well as the body.
• To reduce the stigma and discrimination linked to mental ill-health.

There are two project workers:
The Healthy Living Co-ordinator (Darren Knight) who is working with people to promote physical activity and also on hand to discuss healthy diet. He works with groups as well as individuals on a 1:1 basis (up to 12 sessions), and encourages people to take part in physical activities ranging from weights and gym work to healthy walks, yoga and dancing.
He is also introducing people to physical and sporting activities that they have always wanted to try but for whatever reasons have felt unable to access. Darren can also accompany people to local sports clubs (e.g. boating, bowling, rugby, tennis, swimming) for a time limited period whilst they settle in.
If you think you'd like to work with Darren then please email him or phone 01480 470480.
The Mental Health Promotion Worker (Jenny Weston) is largely engaging with various community groups providing mental health awareness-raising and promoting the importance of physical activity to maintain a healthy mind and body.
If you know a group who might like to work with Jenny, then please email her or phone on 01480 470480.

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